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Roofers Lexington KY

Our roofers Lexington KY are seasoned veterans when it comes to roof installations. We have the equipment, the manpower and the expertise to install a sturdy, reliable roof that will be guaranteed in writing for the life of the roof. You can’t get a better deal than that from any other roofers Lexington KY!

Metal Roofing Lexington KY –

Is it time to remove your metal roofing Lexington KY? Spangler Roof Services will perform quick, safe tear-offs to prepare your roof for new installation. We will also remove the leftover metal roofing Lexington KY materials for your convenience.

Roofing Lexington
Custom Sheet Metal/Copper

We offer our roofing Lexington clients an array of materials from which to choose. If you have a large commercial or industrial roofing Lexington project, you may want to consider custom sheet metal or copper roofing. Copper roofing is also available for our residential customers as well.

Lexington Roofers
Shingles/Slate/Metal/Tile/Wood Shake/Copper

Our Lexington roofers have a reputation for being the best, and one of the ways we maintain this status is by being a flexible and customer-oriented business. Clients want variety; they want to have a roof that stands out from the rest while also helping them cut energy costs. Our Lexington roofers will help you choose what type of roofing material is right for your specific expectations and Lexington roofing needs.

Roofing Lexington KY
Codings, TPO, PVC, EPDM

Spangler Roof Services is the number one roofing Lexington KY company in the single-ply roof category. We offer TPO, a common roofing Lexington KY choice that is resistant to UV rays. PVC is another single-ply roofing barrier that has heat-welded seams which help increase their resistance to leaks. EPDM is a rubber-ish single-ply roofing Lexington KY membrane that is resistant to extreme temperatures.

Roofing Contractors Lexington KY
Ice & Water Barriers

Ice and water can be a heavy burden on your roof. While your roof is sturdy, it is designed to hold a certain weight. Pooling water and ice can cause serious issues if the weight becomes too much. There is also the issue of ice melting and water getting in between the plies of your roofing material, which can then leak into your attic and eventually into your home. Avoid expensive roofing repairs by asking our roofing contractors Lexington KY today about ice and water barriers.

Lexington Roofing
All Top Roofing

As the number one choice for all your Lexington roofing needs, Spangler Roof Services makes sure we have everything our customers need to meet their needs. From single-ply roofing materials to all top roofing, we are certain you won’t find a more elaborate array of Lexington roofing choices. Call Spangler Roof Services today to schedule a FREE consultation with one of our Lexington roofing specialists!

Roofers Lexington KY
Steep Slope

Steep slopes may pose a problem for other roofers Lexington KY, but with more than 30 years in the industry, there’s no project we can’t tackle. If you need a steep slope installed, repaired, cleaned or torn off, we’re the company to call! Let the roofers Lexington KY at Spangler exceed your expectations!

Metal Roofing Lexington KY
Residential, Commercial & Industrial

We are a metal roofing Lexington KY company that has the ability to service any type of home, building or industrial site. Whether it’s a simple residential home roof, a larger office building or an entire strip mall, Spangler Roof Services has what it takes to get each job done with the same level of attention and commitment to perfection. Call the metal roofing Lexington KY professionals at Spangler Roof Services today for a FREE consultation!

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